3 Lazy Keto Meals

Having one of those days where you don’t have time or don’t want to cook a whole meal? Of course you have. We all do sometimes. While following a ketogenic diet, though, lazy keto meals require more planning. Here are three lazy keto meals that are tasty and done in 30 minutes or less. Each meal’s calorie contents, net carbohydrate amount, and type of low carbohydrate diet are in the pictures from Keto Diet Calculator.

Lazy Keto Meal One: Thanksgiving Wrap

Lazy Keto Meal One: Modified Atkins Diet Thanksgiving Wrap
Lazy Keto Meal One: Modified Atkins Diet Thanksgiving Wrap

This is what I call a fancy lazy keto meal. It’s made up of two small sweet potato egg white wraps (Sweet Potato and Turmeric Crepini) that are filled with cooked turkey, cream cheese mixed with butter, and keto maple bacon. The turkey can be easily subbed out with rotisserie chicken, just recalculate the macronutrients for the meat change since the fat/protein content will be a bit different if you are on classical or modified keto. The bacon can also be subbed for keto maple turkey bacon instead, just recalculate the macronutrients since turkey bacon is low-fat and bacon is not.

The only real cooking involves baking the keto candied bacon, but it feels a bit elevated because of that one element. If you check out the photo above, this was made for a modified Atkins diet, but could work with a lower keto ratio. It contains 4.29 grams of net carbohydrates. Start with preparing the keto maple bacon recipe pictured below.

Keto Maple Bacon Directions

Next, weigh all ingredients separately (weigh butter once it’s room temperature). Mix the butter and cream cheese together until evenly mixed. Spread on two Sweet Potato and Turmeric Crepini (they’re delicious, don’t sleep on them). Then add the turkey and keto maple bacon and wrap it up.

If you have never tried Swerve, you are in for a treat. Swerve most closely resembles brown sugar for me as compared to any other sugar sub option out there.

Also, This is a recipe with a fair amount of saturated fat in it because of the butter and cream cheese especially, but if that’s a health concern for you, go for the turkey bacon sub for regular bacon to lower some of the saturated fat content.

Lazy Keto Meal Two: Turkey Avocado Roll-Up

Sammy on Aisle One? Not so easy to figure out at first on keto. I’ve done the work for you here in this lazy keto meal. This is for a 2:1 ketogenic diet ratio. This meal is ready in less than 10 minutes. Great for packing a lunch too, and is high in healthy, unsaturated fats.

Lazy Keto Meal Two: 2:1 Ketogenic Diet Ratio Turkey Avocado Roll-Up
Lazy Keto Meal Two: 2:1 Ketogenic Diet Ratio Turkey Avocado Roll-Up

Just weigh your ingredients separately, slice your avo, spread the mayo on the inside of the deli turkey, place your lettuce and avo inside the turkey, and roll it up. I made this meal for you all to see in Keto Diet Calculator (as seen in the picture to the right).

Bonus Tip 1:

Mayonnaise is a very ketogenic diet friendly food, since it’s pure fat and carbohydrate free. Also, it’s low in saturated fat, which the Dietary Guidelines for Americans keeping below 10% of your daily intake from foods because it contributes to heart disease risk. Easier said than done while making tasty ketogenic diet foods sometimes, but mayo helps.

Bonus Tip 2:

All deli meats contains nitrites or nitrates, a type of preservative. Try not to have deli meat more than twice per week, because there is an increased for cancer that comes with eating too much of the preservative contained in the deli meat. This recommendation holds even for the more “natural” deli meats that use nitrites or nitrates from celery. Whether nitrites and nitrates are natural or synthetic, they contribute to cancer risk. Check out this Consumer Reports article here for more info on this topic.

Lazy Keto Meal 3: Breakfast Tacos

Lazy Keto Meal Three is breakfast tacos! Who can argue with breakfast tacos? This meal is delicious because of the texture contrast between the eggs, crunchy bacon, and the tots. Egglife Everything Bagel Wraps are really well-seasoned (got mine from Aldi). Two hold the two large eggs, two slices of bacon, and the tots.

Lazy Keto Meal Three: Breakfast Tacos
Lazy Keto Meal Three: Breakfast Tacos

One of my top favorite lower carb sides are Green Giant Cauliflower Tots (available in the frozen section of many grocery stores). The slight outer crunchy crust contrasts with the creamy center much like a regular potato tot would. They are not so easy to work into classical ketogenic diets due to the carb content, but not impossible. Much easier to work into the MCT oil diet, modified Atkins diet, or low glycemic index treatment diet. The modified Atkins diet meal pictured below contains 5g net carbohydrates.

When preparing this recipe, cook the eggs in the butter. Prepare bacon as per usual, and the tots per package cooking directions. If you are modified Atkins, then just weigh the tots, nothing else.

Leave a comment below if you want more lazy keto meal suggestions!

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