This ketogenic diet coconut crusted chicken dish is a tropical burst on a winter’s night. Shredded coconut flakes that stick with egg makes up the keto breading, then is crisped up in the pan. Add to that a spicy, fatty, sweet dipping sauce a la Swerve sweetener, coconut milk, and sriracha. Adapted from a non-keto …

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3 Lazy Keto Meals

Having one of those days where you don’t have time or don’t want to cook a whole meal? Of course you have. We all do sometimes. While following a ketogenic diet, though, lazy keto meals require more planning. Here are three lazy keto meals that are tasty and done in 30 minutes or less. Each …

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ratio: KETO yogurt and ratio: PROTEIN review

Product review of ratio: KETO yogurt and ratio: PROTEIN dairy snacks. Information about the products’ low-carb sweeteners, and sample recipes!